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Jane and her dog, LainaScheduling

If you are thinking about making an appointment, here are some helpful tips. When scheduling, allow for plenty of time before the treatment so that you are not rushed. The first appointment takes an hour and a half and subsequent sessions are one hour. Avoid scheduling before or after strenuous activity. You don’t have to be sedentary around your treatment but it helps to not come after a hard swim or leave the treatment table for a tough workout at the gym. Also, avoid sandwiching your appointments between two events. You don’t want to be stressed about arriving late or rushing out the door to get to the next thing. You will leave feeling relaxed, and your body will appreciate time to process the energetic shift that the treatment has initiated. The idea is that this is your time to focus on your health so scheduling wisely creates the space to relax and get the most out of your treatment.


After you fill out the contact form below, I will send you some paperwork to get us started. Please note that I am looking for even slight imbalances. If the question is, "do you have gas or bloating" I understand that you may think everyone has gas once in a while and you may be right but it is still a sign that something is not right in the digestive process and I will be better equipped to help you if I know all those little things about you.


Acupuncture draws on your own energy to heal you and if your body has not been nourished by food in more than 3 hours or so it can cause problems. You don’t have to eat a big meal right before but just avoid arriving hungry. Even a small snack is sufficient between meals. If you get a treatment on an empty stomach it can leave you feeling lightheaded and drained. Your body needs to be nourished in order to get the most out of the treatment.  Alternatively, you will not want to eat a big, heavy meal right before your treatments. Lying down for an hour right after lots of spicy or greasy food may disrupt your digestion and leave you feeling uncomfortable on the table.

Coffee and Alcohol

Avoid coffee and alcohol before your treatment. Drinking coffee stimulates your system to work faster and focus better. During your acupuncture treatment you will be lying down and relaxing which is not as easy when you are revved up on coffee. If you drink it every day then go a head and drink your regular amount so that you don’t have a headache, but please avoid additional cups that will get you racing. Alcohol and acupuncture don’t mix. If you are coming for detox treatments we will work around whatever state you can get yourself to me. Otherwise, please refrain from alcohol before your treatment.

Cell Phones

Please turn off your cell phones when you get to my office. Even turn off the vibrating feature unless you have a child or differently-abled person for whom you are responsible, let the phone be powered down or put it on airplane mode. This is your time that you have carved out of your busy day for yourself. Please let it be uninterrupted space. It’s only an hour but it can really change your life.

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