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My first experience with acupuncture was incredible!

“My first experience with acupuncture was incredible! It took me two years to get the courage to give it a try. I tried everything imaginable to help decrease my inflammation, lose weight and alleviate my unexplained pain. Jane asked me questions that nobody else ever asked. She took time to listen to what I had to say about what was really going on with my body. Calming my thoughts and my life was not a possibility I ever thought could become a reality. I realized I was not eating the right foods and needed to take time to rest.  After a few sessions with Jane, I began to relax, eat better, sleep better, lose weight and realize how important I am. My inflammation decreased and so did my pain. My circulation improved and my energy level skyrocketed. Today, I own a fitness center for women and I feel amazing. I am so grateful I began this journey with Jane in January 2016!  Jane is approachable, knowledgeable and genuine. She will do her very best to help you function, heal and live a fuller life. I am proof of her capabilities! “

– Melonie Lawrence, Marathon, NY

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