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PMS Treatment

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from terrible PMS – awful mood swings, cravings, cramps, migraines; followed by heavy flow and painful menstrual cycles. My OBGYN prescribed a blood clotting promoter and I had “regular” D&C’s to help with endometriosis, polyps and ovarian cysts – 4 over the course of 9 years.  At age 40, I chose another course of action and sought out acupuncture and herbal remedies.  After just 2 months of regular treatment with Jane Kennedy from Cayuga Acupuncture, I no longer needed the prescription medicine during my cycle, and almost 1 year later I spend most months with reduced, or no, symptoms at all.  Jane is compassionate, educated and thorough.  Her treatments have had a tremendous impact on my reproductive health and mental wellbeing.  Through her support and treatment I have also been able to change my diet to help improve my overall physical and mental health.  

~Freeville, NY

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