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Update on COVID-19

While the Covid-19 virus is still present in our community and there are still people who are immune compromised and others who are still at risk of seriousĀ  complications if they contract the virus I am continuing to take steps to reduce the spread of the virus in my offices.

There are air purifiers running at all times in all of the rooms of my office space. These units are designed to reduce bacteria and viruses in the air and provide a layer of safety for you and me while you are visiting.

Masking is advised but no longer required.

Your treatment table will be cleaned and disinfected for you each time you arrive.

The bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected each day in case you need to use it.

Anyone who has an acute infection must provide a negative Covid-19 test before coming in for a treatment.

My aim is to meet your needs for health care in as safe of an environment as possible so you can relax and receive the support you need.

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